Believe it or not, five years have gone by since I started this blog.  It's served me well, helping me through the long process of trying to make what I saw in my head.  And I am privileged to say that I am happy with what this time has given back to me.

From Sun Moon Stars Series II. Naturally and commercially dyed wool and alpaca. 42" wide x 49 1/2".

But meanwhile, as I've traveled along this path of making, I have also been learning that I can't continue to move forward without embracing the art of becoming.  And so, in the spirit of spring and its nod to renewal and growth, I am saying goodbye for a while.  Not to weaving or to making cloth.  Quite the contrary - I can't imagine a more powerful way to make real the experiences of my existence than by weaving them: the fabric of our lives; this web of existence; string theory; little bits of the cosmos hanging by a thread; the sun, moon and stars.

There are lots of roads to travel.  Let's just say for now that I'm working on some maps.  And enjoying being in the mystery of it all.