Looking back at February's post, I realize I didn't write about anything - just posted pictures.  I am pleased by this, as I have tended to be very verbal about my work.  I have reached a point where I don't want to have to explain what I am doing, at least not to the extent that it becomes as much about the explanation as the work itself.  So in that vein, I will say that these are a few shots from the same body of work last fall that I continue to explore and am using as points of departure for new work investigating fabric as skin and what it may contain.  The first two photographs here are figurative.  The middle group were taken using an overhead projector and the last group were shot using a paper screen and backlighting.  All of the images use the stainless steel and cotton sample except for the paper screen group which use a piece of linen I wove and burned holes out of.  Both pieces of fabric were samples for finished pieces in the Synesthesia show that I exhibited with Katie Vie and Lisa Mandle in 2014 at Flow.  


"Self Portrait"