Spring has finally come to our mountains, bringing all its fresh clear light and color.  I find myself watching the sky quite a bit, as it is no longer grey and flat up there but full of activity.  And now that I have finished the first piece on the new warp and spent hours lovingly clicking away the camera lens at it, I'm finding its images and the one below doing a little free exchange dance in my mind's eye.  See what you think.

First view of some stars:

Getting the bigger picture:

The Unfurling:

Off the Loom:
Side 1

Does it look like the picture I drew before I made it?  

Not bad!

Side 2

Washed yumminess - the whole piece shrinks 6 inches in length when washed and fluffed in the dryer on low, and a lovely puckering effect happens as a result of the pockets left between the two layers:

Lastly the fringes have to be combed out and trimmed: