These three hangings are all from the warp I've been working on since last October and posting on since January, so they share some similarities in the vertical placement of color.  However, they are all woven with different weft combinations, and it's fun to see how one warp can look so different.

Wefts: Woad blue and Natural

Wefts: Blue-green and yellow-green

Wefts: Red and Blue

The red in this one is the first time I have used a commercially dyed alpaca and boy has it gotten the attention!  It does pop right out, especially where it combines beautifully with the indigo for the purples and the coreopsis for the burnt oranges.  

I have enough yardage left on the loom for one more of these.  I needed to take a summer break when I finished the last one, but in August I'll be coming back into the studio to do a complete 180 degree turn - taquete with inlay on the four-harness manual loom.  So I don't know what will come of the rest of this warp. Nice to have extra left for a change though.  I'm sure it will come to fruition in its own good time. Warp potential energy...