It's been months since I posted.  Crazy, chaotic months in our country.  I have tried to stay focused and remember the Nietzsche quote on my chalkboard: "We have art in order not to perish of truth."

Here is a short list of what I have been up to:

1) I moved from cocoons to chrysalises:
Silk, Linen, Cotton, Brass, Stainless Steel. 10"x5"x3 1/2"

2) I dressed up the studio a bit to host open houses in October and November where I welcomed so many interesting people into my space:

3) Meanwhile I put a warp on the dobby loom and wove a pattern modified from a waffle weave:
I used a silk stainless weft with a cotton weft.  I was happy with it on the loom but when I took it off, it didn't have enough body to work with sculpturally.  I also tried chemical burnoff of the cotton content in hopes that the stainless in the weft would hold it all together resulting in some nice transparent areas but everything just dissolved and I got holes.  So you know what they say about lemons....I started cutting it apart along the rows and making tubes that I handstitched together and as I finished I realized I needed something threaded through the tubes and voila, I ended up with this:

Kind of a weaving within a weaving....

4) I sold a few Artifacts and had a commission for two more:
Stainless steel, silk, linen, 11"x11"

and I started displaying a few of them at Flow in "sleeve" format:

5) I played around with taking pictures through the sleeve:

6) I doodled a bit:
Drawing 12/2016, watercolor pencil, oil pastel, marker, pen and ink, 8"x 10"

7)  I deviated from my normally intact handweaver's moral compass and ordered a fleece blanket with a photograph of one of my woven wall hangings printed onto it:

I was both delighted and mortified that it looked so fantastic.  Artistic licensing meets a grave Slow Craft betrayal.  I gave it as a Christmas present.