"Second Skin".  2019

I participated in a group show last month at Flow called "Juxtaposed" and it was an opportunity to finally try true self portraits of me under my weaving.

"Second Skin II".  2019

Here is my statement for the show:

“The concept of juxtaposition pushed me to try an idea I’ve had for some time, to make photographs of the fabric I weave from stainless steel draped over a human body, juxtaposing inert metal cloth against living tissue. This speaks to a theme I have been working with in my weaving, using fabric to explore the relationship of the physical space of our body to the spirit that inhabits it: fabric as skin. This includes the exoskeletons we construct to keep out what we do not wish to absorb as well as the supple layers we nurture in order to transmute and emit our energy back out into the biosphere. I am finding that photography allows me to capture and freeze an instance of light interacting with my fabrics, and it is this essence, the fleeting qualities of reflectivity and translucence, which I most want to convey.”